Tree of the Quarter

Redosier Dogwood

Cornus sericea

The Redosier Dogwood is a gorgeous shrub that is useful in many situations, from wildlife plantings, to windbreaks, to beautification projects.  It is a tall, spreading shrub that maintains a dark red bark in the winter time, resulting in a sharp contrast that adds a new color to what can sometimes be a drab or dull landscape in the winter.  The shrub produces small white flowers that form in clusters in late May into June.

Growing up to 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide in its lifetime, the Redosier Dogwood is a shrub that does best in moist to wet loams.  It is adapted to a variety of soils, and grows dense enough to be good for creating a visual screen, as well as to be used in a windbreak system.  It also produces small fruits that are eaten by a number of songbirds, as well as rabbits and deer and provides good cover.  As with many of the trees and shrubs in our area, damage from deer can be a concern.

If you are thinking about establishing a new planting and want to try something unique with multiple uses, consider Redosier Dogwood!

 Redosier Dogwood 1Redosier Dogwood 2


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