Fabric Application

Weed Barrier Fabric

The Morton County SCD offers the service of installing synthetic weed barrier fabric to newly planted trees.  The District also offers custom cut fabric to lengths specific to your needs, as well as individual 4×4 tree fabric squares for single trees.

Fabric Laying Implement

We have found that weed barrier fabric has many benefits including:

  • Moisture storage
  • Complete weed control under the area covered
  • Low maintenance



Fabric Installation– $0.85 per linear foot (1,000 ft minimum)


Tree Planting Accessories

Additionally, The District can accommodate your needs with extra staples, tree tubes and Plantskydd (animal repellent).

For more information on fabric and repellent, see the appropriate North Dakota NRCS fact sheets using the links below:

Synthetic Mulch (Fabric) Management Fact Sheet

Protecting Trees and Shrubs From Deer

Synthetic Weed Control Fabric Advantages and Disadvantages