Tree Planting and Planning

Tree Planting Service

The Morton County Soil Conservation District provides a tree planting service to Morton County landowners. Operators and the required planting equipment are provided in this service. The landowner is responsible for having the planting site prepared before trees can be planted. Herbicide application and tillage are the two most common site preparation practices.


Tree Planting– $0.65 per linear foot (1,000 ft minimum)


Technical Assistance

The Morton County SCD also offers technical assistance for tree planting and planning to private and public landowners.  Technical assistance is available in all cases where the District plants trees for a landowner or a landowner purchases handplants from the District and plants the trees on their own.

Technical assistance may consist of:

  • Checking soils to determine suitability of tree species for a specific site
  • Determining how many rows to plant and what the spacing between rows should be
  • Identifying proper setback distances
  • Staking a site for ground preparation
  • Flagging rows for planting

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