Manure Management

Proper manure management can greatly improve surface water quality by reducing runoff of pollutants from livestock areas.  The District can provide technical and educational assistance to livestock producers throughout Morton County, and can provide financial assistance to producers in the Big Muddy, Square Butte (Otter Creek), Crown Butte, Sweet Briar, and Heart River Corridor Watershed areas through our 319  Watershed Grant.  Our goal is to assist producers in becoming compliant with State AFO rules and to see a reduction in the number of polluting livestock operations. Contact Us if you’d like to start improving the water quality in your county.

Manure Management

The project sponsors intend to:

  1. Provide technical and financial assistance to Morton County AFO’s that have the greatest impact on water quality in the designated watershed areas.
  2. Develop educational programs to heighten public awareness of NPS pollution concerns and solutions.
  3. Develop working partnerships in the local community to benefit natural resources.


Manure Spreader


The Morton County Soil Conservation District has a manure spreader available for rental to producers. The manure spreader can be rented for a fee of $350 per day. To schedule the use of the spreader, contact us at (701) 667-1163 ex. 3.