Larch, Siberian

Height: 30-60′      Spacing in Row: 8-12′      Drought Tolerance: Good      More info: ND Tree Handbook (pdf) *This species is deciduous and loses its needles in the fall

Pine, Lodgepole

Height: 25-55′      Spacing in Row: 12-14′     Drought Tolerance: Good     More info: ND Tree Handbook  


Height: 12-15′       Spacing in Row: 4-6′      Drought Tolerance: Good      More info: ND Tree Handbook (pdf)

Honeyberry, ‘Indigo’

Height: 4-6′       Spacing in Row: 4-6′      Drought Tolerance: Good     Fruit has chewier texture.  Very sweet berry.  Higher yield than Borealis or...

Honeyberry, ‘Aurora’

Height: 5-6′       Spacing in Row: 3-4′      Drought Tolerance: Good     Large fruit, tastes great, and grows fast.  Early blooming variety.