Continuous CRP Sign-Up

Continuous CRP Sign-Up Returns

The United States Department of Agriculture has announced that farmers and ranchers may sign up for the Continuous Conservation Reserve Programs (CRP). Continuous CRP acres target specific environmentally sensitive areas. They can be enrolled at any time and is non-competitive. To be eligible land must have been planted to cropland 4 out of the last 6 years (2008 to 2013).

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) provides several types of payments to producers who wish to enroll their land into a Continuous CRP practice. First, the FSA provides yearly rental payments based on the relative productivity of the soils in each county and dry-land cash rent or cash rent equivalent guidelines. The FSA also provides Cost-Share Assistance. There is a one-time upfront signing incentive payment (SIP) up to $100 per acre after the contract is approved. There is also a practice incentive payment (PIP) equal to 40 percent of the eligible installation costs for participants who enroll certain practices and will be paid out after the practice is installed.

For more information contact your local FSA office or USDA service center.


Some of the eligible practices include:

Riparian Buffers

Filter Strips

Grass Waterways


Living snow fence

Contour grass strips

Salt tolerant vegetation

Pollinator Habitat


Link to CRP Fact Sheets:

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