New Honey Bee Initiative Announced by NRCS

Bee over Flower

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Bush

NRCS has announced that they will be allocating $3 million across a 5 state region to aid in conservation efforts for honey bees and other critically important pollinators. The funds will be administered through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP.) Practices under this inititive that may be eligible for cost-share include:

  • Conservation Cover
  • Cover Crops
  • Conservation Crop Rotation
  • Field Border Planting
  • Riparian Herbaceous Cover (Grass and broadleaf planting along waterways)
  • Forage Harvest Management
  • Forage and Biomass Plantings
  • Range Planting
  • Prescribed Grazing
  • Tree and Shrub Establishment
  • Early Successional Habitat Development


If you are interested in applying for cost-share under this initiative, please stop by the Mandan USDA Service Center to pick up an application.


Additional information on honey bees can be found below:


Author: mcscd